******Bombay Manor Museum / Stratford Ripper Exper

******Bombay Manor Museum / Stratford Ripper Exper Welcome to Bombay Manor - a spooky museum in an ominously haunted house in Henley Street where Dr Thaddeus Bombay, one of history's most colourful characters, awaits your arrival and just maybe will introduce you to some of his dearly departed friends and relatives.
Don't worry - too much! While Bombay Manor contains some mildly frightening subject matter there is no gore and no-one jumps out at you; the ghostly residents are, for the most part, friendly and the genuinely spooky experience is appropriate for all ages.
Once you enter the mysteriously magical and well maintained foyer of the Manor, now the Creaky Cauldron giftshop, you find yourself in a building that s over 450 years old and where anything can, and frequently does, happen....
If you stroll past the reception desk you can chose to walk on to the Victorian Tea Garden, Wand Shop and Apothecary where the air cools and the scent of magic is palpable in the air - or, you could chose to climb the creaky winding staircase and begin your supernatural journey through the upper floors of this undoubtedly haunted house.
What follows has to be seen to be believed, but suffice to say it's good spooky fun and is an experience that you're sure to remember as long as you live...... and maybe a little longer......

And then, by night.... Join us as Bombay Manor undergoes an eerie transformation into the Stratford Ripper Experience - based on a series of very real and terrifying events that took place in the building in the late 1700's. Ghost walks, terrifying tales, overnight ghost hunts and victorian seances for the brave at heart. The Stratford Ripper Experience - where terror reigns!


Travel by road

Disabled parking outside. Windsor Street coach and car park 2 minutes away. Three doors from the main entrance to William Shakespeare's birthplace.