Billesley is a village that was mentioned in the Doomsday Book however many of the inhabitants were wiped out at the time of the plague. It is located between Stratford and Alcester and the population is divided into three categories: The Kirby family, The Mumfords, and the staff of the well-known Billesley Manor Hotel.

It has its own church called All Saints and of particular interest to architectural historians are the traditional closed family pews, as well as the miniature lofts. The church itself is a pocket gem of 18th century design. Billesley Manor has a key to the church, but they do not own the church. Billesley Manor itself was originally a private home and the manor's tenants owned more of the land than the house is set on now. The original owners are buried in the churchyard. Like many of the local churches, it is rumoured that William Shakespeare was a regular visitor, at least to the tiny churchyard that predates the later church.